The end...and beginning of a new era!

L Faustino

New website, new emails (message us at now!), what's next? Well...this is Lovelie, Kularts Program Manager interrupting your usual Friday Kularts catch-up with an announcement. 

After nearly four years I hang up my jersey er-Parol Fest hoodie. And pass on the program manager torch, I mean laptop. In all seriousness, I am so appreciative and proud to have been part of the legacy that is Kularts.

It's been a wild ride--traversing Pang-lima's typhoon, catching glimpses of Salima's entities, witnessing SOMA leaders transform into the super heroic Clan of Saints Bay, following the love story of Ba-e Makiling and Likha, gaining vital insight into Pilipino arts & culture in the Diaspora, witnessing the recognition of SOMA Pilipinas on a city and state wide level, watching THE most iconic Bay Area, Pilipina arts leader (I am proudly biased) receive the inaugural SFAC legacy award, and most of all getting to support hundreds of talented & hardworking Bay Area, Pilipino artists.

Wedding gift illustration created by Don Aguillo

Wedding gift illustration created by Don Aguillo

I wanted to express deep gratitude to all of those I have been able to connect and work with throughout my time. All of the South of Market leaders, members for their mentorship especially my Parol Lantern Festival, Bayanihan Community Center team: Bern Sy, MC Canlas and Glen Andag.

The hundreds of artists and Kularts staff who have grown into family. Many thanks to the work kuyas: Don, Raf & Wilfred AND program manager ates: Irene, Dianne & Claire.

I am grateful for all the volunteers who shared their time. Special thanks to all my friends who lent a hand and my husband, Sam for being my #1 volunteer.

AND of course, my Kularts mentor who has shaped, guided and supported me every day for four years, the incomparable Alleluia 'Manai' Panis. I don't think I'll ever be able to express how thankful I am for your unwavering guidance AND your amazing lunches! Thank you for entrusting me to be your Program Manager, it's been an honor.


I am thrilled to welcome the newest Kularts Program Manager:

Maybe you'll recognize her as the leading lola from UNDISCOVERED SF.

Maybe you'll recognize her as the leading lola from UNDISCOVERED SF.


She is an educator, cultural worker, and interdisciplinary artist working in photography, installation, social practice, and performance. Her work explores the hybrid cultures formed by technology, movements of immigrants in America, and the way movements through space and spaces has been affected by these two.

She received her BFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and MFA from San Francisco State University where she received the School of Art’s Distinguished Graduate award. She serves on Southern Exposure’s Curatorial Council and SOMA Pilipinas’ Arts & Culture Committee, is an arts educator in the San Francisco Unified School District and is now the new Kularts Program Manager.

Last but not least (I promise I'm done and walking off the stage) thank you to our audiences, participants and supporters. I have loved getting to virtually and in person talk to you. It's been rewarding listening to you gush and speak so highly about this organization that I love. Please continue to support Kularts, because there is so much more in store!