Get to know Man@ng cast member, Kat!


Where were you born? 

I was born in San Jose and, aside from studying abroad in places like the Philippines or Washington D.C., have lived in the Bay Area ever since.

What is your favorite food? 

Easy, Tortang Talong haha!

Tell us what you know about your character

I am a taxi hall dancer -- More specifically, I become the taxi hall dancer that all the Manongs want to dance with. It's my understanding that after migrating from the Philippines, there weren't many opportunities for us (women), so we had to resort to dancing as a way to earn a living. The manongs outnumbered Filipina women during this generation so many of them grew old as bachelors and never married.

What has been your most memorable/intense moment as a dancer? 


As a first time dancer with Kularts, it's been a pleasure to observe Manai's creative process and be among a fully-produced, composed, choreographed Filipino American show and storyline. Outside of Kularts, a memorable experience was choreographing and performing a piece to "Tanging Yaman" for Kasamahan at USF's PCN. It was a concept I had crafted over a year, combining my experience learning about the Harana while I was studying abroad in the Philippines and also my love for the song.

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