Man@ng is Deity castmember, Earl speaks on his artist journey & representation


What's your immigration story? (How did your family come to the US?)

A classic story of my father being in the navy and mom being a nurse. My father was was stationed in Guam for a year and brought my mom over a year later. Moved to the Easy Bay for a few years and had me in San Diego years later where they live now. 

What is a value that your family has brought from the Philippines that you still uphold today?

The Legaspi’s (my mother’s side) value tact; knowing when to say something and knowing when to wait for the right moment. The Paus’ (my fathers side) value cooking by reminding me that dynamic flavors in food can brew dynamic relationships with loved ones of all generations. 

Tell us about your character, and what you bring to your performance of them.


Though my character is still being weaved together, I tell a story of, the wide-eyed wanderer arriving in a new place filled with opportunity, long lost relatives and an unexpected reunion.

Imagine yourself as a Manong: What are some things you have today that you take for granted that a Manong might not have?

The convenience of travel being so easily accessible. Imagine if they had Lyft! 

What is it like working for Alleluia Panis & the Kularts crew this time around? What have you learned about yourself as an artist, and the role of Pilipinx American arts?


Kularts has given me opportunities to express a side of me that’s been whitewashed over for years, identifying creativity with artists that never look like me. A fresh glow to my brown skin is shining as I begin my journey to be proud to be Pinoy and blessed with an opportunity to represent that identity on stage.

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