Dialogue in the Diaspora 2018

June 15 - 17, 2018
Bayanihan Community Center
1010 Mission Street


A rare, compelling convening of conversation with community leaders, cultural practitioners, professors, and multidisciplinary artists in the Diaspora engaging in panels centralized on 3 themes:

  • State of LGBT+ Artists
  • Institutional Engagement
  • Innovative Artists & Cultural Workers

FRIDAY, JUNE 15 • 7:30pm •  PDL 700


"PDL 700": Persons Deprived of Liberty in a place with 700% overcrowding. Performance by Rosalie Zerrudo, inspired by the real-life stories of the women inmates of the Iloilo City District Jail, Female Dormitory. Reading by Melissa R. Sipin, and a talkback on the Responsibility of Storytelling. With music by Josh Icban and Aimee Amparo.




Art Business and Civic Engagement panel members, left to right, Barbara Mumby Huerta, Weston Teruya, Olivia Malabuyo Tablante, Gina Mariko Rosales, Anthem Salgado, Andrea Porras and Ada Chan. Photo by Kimberly RequestoJPG.JPG

1:00 pm: State of LGBT+ Artists with Rani Marcos, Jae Tioseco, Jose Abad, Aimee Espiritu


2:30 pm: Institutional Engagement with PJ Policarpio, Lian Ladia, Mike Arcega, Gina Rosales, Rosalie Zerrudo


4:00 pm: Innovative Artists & Cultural Workers with Irene Duller, Caroline Cabading, Don Aguillo, Raf Salazar

KAMAYAN KABARET  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Kamayan Kabaret featuring a delicious spread of Filipino foods and an even more delicious Kabaret Performances with Kinbaku Love, Brian Batugo of the Rice Rockettes, Earl Paus, Kreatibo, Jae Tioseco, Music by Aimee Amparo and Josh Icban, and hosted by our Madame of Ceremonies, June Arellano.

Briana (Brian Batugo), Rice Rockettes, Drag Performer

Briana (Brian Batugo), Rice Rockettes, Drag Performer

Aimee Amparo, Musician

Aimee Amparo, Musician

Joshua Icban, Musician

Joshua Icban, Musician

Jae Tioseco, Filipino Folkloric Dance

Jae Tioseco, Filipino Folkloric Dance

Kinbaku Love, (Japanese Rope Bondage) Shibari Performers

Kinbaku Love, (Japanese Rope Bondage) Shibari Performers

Earl Alfred Paus, Performing Artist

Earl Alfred Paus, Performing Artist



11:00 AM: Intro to Plant Medicines with Holly Calica
12:30 PM: Intro to Drag with Brian Batugo
2:00 PM: Intro to Shibari with Kinbaku Love
3:30 PM: Intro to Romantic & Sensual Tagalog with Lydia Neff

Class Descriptions:

Introduction to Plant Medicine      In this Cross-Cultural overview we will explore our sacred relationship with plants, how plants provide us support and balance for our wellbeing, sustainability of plants around the world and our role as gardeners. A brief summary of selected plants from the Philippines and California will be shared, along with a peek at the benefit of herbs for vitality. Join us to sample a few medicines and join the rising number of people who grow, use and make plant medicine for their families and communities!

Intro to Drag      Discover your inner queen and take part in a workshop that will bring you life! Join BreeAhna as she takes you on a journey through her drag herstory and the secret to success in her workshop: “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! I haven’t made it yet…  so is it still working?” Get ready for some Drag herstory and an epic walk off to celebrate and appreciate your inner diva! No experience necessary. Trust me. The freshest kicks or the most sickening pair of heels are highly recommended.

Intro to Shibari      Kinbaku Love gives a brief introduction to rope curious partners of the art history of Shibari/Kinbaku from ancient bushido martial arts origins, to its appearance in fine art, performing arts and BDSM fetishes. Students are introduced to Kinbaku Love's 4 elements of Ichinawa, their signature style of versatile rope play that helps build connection. Technical ties and safety will be taught in class (with loaner rope provided). Single column, double column, hojo cuffs/wraps, floor torsion's, buying your first rope kit, care and management. If you have rope already, feel free to bring it! We will have limited loaner rope available but you are welcome to observe the class if there is none left and a space is open. If you are attending the workshop alone and open to pairing with others looking for partners please let us know at check in!

Intro to Romantic & Sensual Tagalog     Learn the things in Tagalog your parents never wanted to teach you! Starting with katawan (the body), we will go into love language: giving appreciation, courtship expressions, and "bed time" language. Practice all the sensual terms and expressions before you try them on your partners!



Friday, June 15: PDL 700
$15-25: Sliding scale Show Admission
$75: Inday Dolls supporter (receive an Inday Doll)

Saturday, June 16: Dialogue in the Diaspora
$20: Dialogue
$40: Kamayan Kabaret only *in advance
$45: Dialogue + Kabaret *in advance
$50: Kamayan Kabaret *at the door

Sunday, June 17: Workshop Sampler
$15 per class
$45 whole day