Get to know 6x9 dancer, Frances Sedayao!


Where were you born? 
Paranaque City, Manila, Philippines

What is your favorite food?
Any type that can kick-butt with salty and sour flavors combined: adobong kankong, adobong everything! I also love lumpiang gulay (w/ lots of toge/ bean sprouts) and vinegar.

Tell us about your character, Mrs. Gatpala, and what you bring to your performance of them.
Mrs. Gatpala carries a myriad of conflicting and complicated emotions. They are of love, of hope, of shame, guilt and disappointment.  Devoutly Catholic, she is torn by her feelings of shame of and love for her son.  I bring my own 'colonized' experience which is embodied in my Catholic upbringing - the struggle my mother must have had when I told I her was gay, the turmoil she must have felt because her love and hopes for me were deep, yet I represented something of shame and disappointment. 

Describe your most memorable moment as a dancer. 
There are many! Two are: Rwanda project w/ Anne Bluethental and working with the youth of Aida Refugee Camp, central West Bank/ Bethlehem with Nina Haft and Co. Their stories and suffering continue to haunt my dreams and inspire my work as an artist, teacher and human being.